Fuse Assembly vote for $10k Node Pilot grant, the first on the Fuse Network.

On Sunday 26th September 2021 the Fuse Assembly (FA) voted unanimously to support Node Pilot’s grant proposal, the very first grant proposal to be voted for on the Fuse Network.

The FA is a community run governance body whose members are committed stake holders, node operators and developers with a passion for growing and supporting the Fuse Network.

This is a significant step for the FA and the decentralisation of the Fuse Network, and opens the door to many other projects who wish to deploy or build on the Fuse eco-system.

Within 4 weeks the Node Pilot grant was published, was discussed and debated, and then voted on. A rapid result showing the passion and focus of the Fuse community to drive network growth, and the desire and ability to see great projects supported quickly and efficiently.

The $10,000 grant will fund the integration of the full range of Fuse network nodes into Node Pilot’s open source ‘Node Launcher’ deployment engine. It eliminates the need for CLI, bash scripts, or wrestling with docker config files, enabling developers to deploy the full suite of Fuse nodes with a few lines of JavaScript.

All this will be accessible through the Node Pilot UI, a user friendly node management platform built with the Node Launcher engine.

With Node Launcher it will be easy to run Full, Archive or Validator nodes on Fuse Mainnet and Testnet, giving everyone the freedom to be an independent node operator by overcoming the technical barriers that exist today.

The grant also covers 100,000 Fuse tokens which will be given to Node Pilot to run their own Fuse Validator node.

In addition to Fuse Network nodes, Node Pilot makes it easy to deploy Pocket Network nodes as well, bringing their innovative decentralised Web3 endpoint infrastructure to the Fuse Network.

Fuse nodes will be able to generate rewards from Fuse validation, and from serving Fuse RPC calls with Pocket.

Fuse + Pocket Network + Node Pilot creates a full stack blockchain ecosystem that can be deployed with a few clicks.

Super Powerful — Super Resilient — Super Easy.

* * * * *

Find out about Node Pilot here: https://nodepilot.tech/

* * * * *

Pocket Network: https://www.pokt.network/

Grant Proposal: https://forum.fuse.io/t/fuse-validator-integration-into-node-launch-node-pilot/151

Snapshot Vote: https://vote.fuse.io/#/proposal/QmfU35PmeApnhC7uWcdAaLTDSrXPJAyyFn5it2UvWMdXPD

Fuse Assembly: https://medium.com/fusenet/fuses-half-year-update-the-road-to-scale-and-decentralization-bc59d6cb22f7

To find out more about Fuse Network and how we are Building the future of Blockchain, visit our telegram: https://t.me/fuseio




FuseDAO is the governance body formed from the Fuse community. Our primary role is to provide grants to projects building on the Fuse Network.

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Fuse DAO

Fuse DAO

FuseDAO is the governance body formed from the Fuse community. Our primary role is to provide grants to projects building on the Fuse Network.

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